March 27, 1999


We would like to congratulate Jake Repp, Roderick Green, Thomas Bourgeois, Matt Smith, Mike Orlie and Peter Mace (pictured left to right) for participating in the 100m Amputee Exhibition which took place at the Jesuit Sheaner Relay track meet. All of the men are world class athletes including one Paralympic medalist from the 1996 Atlanta Games. With technology and the athleticism that was demonstrated by these athletes, barriers are being broken down between the able-bodied and those who are "differently-abled" day by day.

Despite cold and windy conditions, six world class athletes competed in the nationally renowned Sheaner Relays. 1999 held the first ever 100m Amputee Exhibition Race in front of the hundreds of high school athletes that participated in the meet. The air was charged with energy as the amputee athletes began to warm up before the race. After the announcer called for the athletes to "get on their marks", every eye was focused on the race. The gun went off and the athletes shot out of the blocks. With two classes of competitors, above knee and below knee sprinters, it was really two races in one. Jake Repp pulled ahead and won the race. Matt Smith won the above knee class.

Jake Repp pulls in front.

Everybody was a winner this day, for many minds were opened by watching this group of athletes compete. After the race, Jake Repp summed it up best, "It doesn't matter who won or who lost, we came out here and put on a good show and we gave our sport some recognition. That's the most important thing."

Final Race Results


 Jake Repp


 Roderick Green


 Thomas Bourgeois


 Matt Smith


 Mike Orlie


 Peter Mace


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