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Erik Elkins

Meet History

 Eric Elkins, Jesuit - set high school hurdles record
                       Houston Astrodome, 1970

Jesuit-Sheaner Relays began with 3 objectives; (1) provide a first class venue for boys track & field where athletes can benefit from top facilities and competition, (2) promote high school track & field to area fans and media in order to build broader interest in the sport, (3) provide maximum exposure and recognition to North Texas fans of top individuals and teams.   Jesuit-Sheaner Relays

The Relays were first run in 1964 as the Jesuit Relays on a new all-weather track at Jesuit High School in Dallas, Texas.  The track was the first of its kind in Texas and attracted High Schools, Junior Colleges and Universities from across the state to participate in the inaugural meet.  High Schools continue to travel from all parts of Texas and neighboring states to participate in what has become one of the finest high school track & field meets in Texas.  The meet was a a boys only high school track & field meet with 6A and 5A & lower divisions competing separately until 2014 when the girls division was added.  A strong emphasis is placed on the 17 UIL state meet events allowing schools to prepare for District, Regional and State competition.

 Great Trackmen On A New Track reprint Feb. 22, 1964
Southwest Conference Sprint champion Billy Foster of SMU is at the starting Herb Sheaner, Billy Foster, Terry Coleline of the new all-weather rubberized track at Jesuit High. Foster has been working out on the new track during the past few weeks in preparation for the all-important track season of 1964.  Watching the Foster technique are Jesuit coach Herb Sheaner, center, and Jesuit track star Terry Cole.  Cole is finishing among the leaders in early season dash competition, and for him 1964 is full of bright hopes.  Foster is one of the nation's fastest runners, and 1964 could bring, in addition to more Southwest Conference titles in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, a berth on the 1964 U.S. Olympic Team. - (Boyd Monaghen Photo.) 

Jesuit Relays was renamed the Jesuit-Sheaner Relays in 1975 upon the retiring of long time track coach Herb Sheaner.  Coach Sheaner served in World War II and received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart during the Battle of the Bulge (where he was captured and placed in a German prison camp).  He became the Track & Field and Cross Country coach at Jesuit in 1955. This followed a track career at the University of Texas in the 1940s under the longhorns' legendary coach, Clyde Littlefield.  In addition to establishing the Jesuit-Sheaner Relays, coach Sheaner organized and hosted Dallas first fall Cross Country meet in 1958 and the first T.C.I.L. State track meet in 1957.

Herb Sheaner interview with Texas Track & Field Coaches Association executive director Stuart Kantor on his 96th birthday.  Herb reflects on the early history of the Jesuit track & field program, Jesuit Relays, World War II, the Battle of the Bulge and his time as a POW. (41:50 minutes)
Part 1 - 66 years in high school Track & Field (15:43 minutes)
Part 2 - WWII, the Battle of the Bulge and time as a POW (15:49 minutes)
Part 3 - More Track & Field (10:26 minutes)

Coach Herb Sheaner, Tom Booker, Ken Shaw

Coach Herb Sheaner
Ken Shaw, 1967 Distance Champion                                         
Tom Booker, 1967 Discus Champion


Hall of Fame
Carl PellegriniCarl Pellegrini, Jesuit
set Texas high 
school discus record, 1961 -

Sprinter Arthur Allen and the Rangers varsity
track and field team.
The Last Roundup 1959